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This virtual consultation enables our Dental Specialists to look at patients' teeth online and can determine whether that patient is a candidate for orthodontics. Our Specialists will review the photos sent and will inform the patients which treatments are best fit for them, as well as how long and how much it will cost.


How It Works


By following these easy steps, our specialists will be able to consult with you from the comfort of your home


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Find the best time and day for your virtual consultation.

Take Photos

Take 5 photos of your teeth
(front, upper, lower, right, left)
- within the form are examples of how your teeth should be displayed in the photos.

Fill Out Form

You will receive a confirmation of your virtual consultation.
When you do, upload the photos and fill out the form below


Virtual Consult

Our Specialists Will Analyze Your Teeth and Find the Best Treatment for You


Schedule Your Virtual Consultation

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Fill Out The Form Below and Upload Your Photos

Please fill out the form below and upload your photos accordingly.


    upper teeth

    lower teeth

    front teeth

    right teeth

    left teeth

    *It is important to note that a virtual consultation is not a substitute for an in-office visit. Submission of the information requested above is required to schedule a virtual examination with our specialists at Viva Orthodontics. This information and video meeting allows our specialists to address any preliminary concerns you may have about your smile from the comfort of your home. Please also note that a thorough in-office examination of the teeth and mouth, and dental records (x-rays, photos, etc.) are necessary to initiate the treatment.
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